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Definition: renovate
Synonyms: clean, do up, face-lift, make over, overhaul, recondition, refresh, refurbish, rehabilitate, remake, remodel, renew, repair, restore, resurrect, retread, revitalize, revive, spruce up, update


Property Revamped specialises in Styling Properties for Sale, Interior Styling and Home Renovation. With property being the largest investment for most of us, we understand what it takes to present your property at its best, whether you are selling, renting or creating a home.


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Property Styling for Sale

Kylie’s expertise and eye for stylish detail ensured that our townhouse looked the best it could possibly be to sell. Her choices were totally appropriate for the age and style of the property, which indicated her clear talent in this regard,” Beth

Property Revamped can also add value to your home through innovative design & interiors inspired by YOU and your lifestyle.


Bathroom Renovation

    Bathroom Renovation

Our Complimentary Consultation will take between 1-1.5hrs. We then provide you with a quote for conceptual design of your new space that will enhance your property and your homes functionality. Watch us create a fabulous room or home for you and your family to live in and enjoy.

We have our own personally selected qualified tradespeople who work quickly and professionally to ensure you receive the best quality products and service, with the aim of making your project a comfortable journey.